After-School Clubs Can Boost Grades

kingshottschool-1According to a new study, poorer children who attended after-school sports clubs were found to get better results compared to students from similar homes who had not.

The study which had been conducted by NatCen Social Research, Newcastle University and ASK Research concludes that clubs are an easy vehicle for enrichment.  6400 children in the UK took part in this research.

As a result of the study it had been found that taking part in activities after school plays a role in closing the gap between children from poorer backgrounds and those who come from wealthier families.

“Compared with disadvantaged children who did not attend after-school club at the age of 11, those who attended after-school club one or two days per week had made significantly more progress than predicted” is quoted in the report.

The report continues “Those who attended after-school club one day per week had, on average, a 1.7 point higher actual Key Stage 2 score than predicted based on their prior attainment and circumstances, while those who attended after-school club two days per week had on average a three point higher actual total point score than predicted.”

This study once again confirms how important extracurricular activities such as sports can be when it comes to education of the children. Now it is proven that sports after-school isn’t just beneficial for your children’s health and well-being, it is likewise shown how this type of activity can positively influence their grades.

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Where to Learn Yoga in East London?

It’s not necessarily easy if you are looking for a quality gym in London that has competent yoga trainers. If you ask me, I definitely have my fair share of experiences with several gyms in the capital where had the impression that those “trainers” were nothing but hired students who didn’t really have a background in yoga or any other related discipline.

yoga in London FieldsIf I sign up with yoga classes or similar courses, like for general fitness or when I want to lose weight in the spring, the most important thing for me is that I know that the trainer is qualified and has a lot of experience in the field.

How else, I need to ask, would you be able to learn yoga if not with a trainer who actually knows his/her stuff?

One of the few exceptions here in London, in particular for yoga in London Fields is London Fields Fitness.

I like this gym the best for various reasons. First, they have a very good selection on different training classes and courses, and second, their trainers are very friendly and they really know what they’re talking about. Not like those “students” that you often get in other gyms in London.

So if you’re looking for a good gym, whether you want to sign up for yoga classes or anything else fitness related you should check out London Fields if you happen to be from East London.

The Best European Winter Sports Destinations

If you want to enjoy winter this season you will have to travel quite a distance. While most of the continent hasn’t seen any snow this year, Switzerland or the Italian Alps can give you all their winter fun you want.

For a good list of the coolest winter holiday destinations in Europe I recommend you check out

The Guardian has a great list of winter destinations for you.

Check out the Adelboden Igloo festival in Adelboden Switzerland. Slovakia can be another great winter holiday destination for all those who love skiing.

Players Want to Show Pride At England-France Soccer Game

Didier Deschamps, France’s manager said France’s players will represent their country’s pride greater than ever in Tuesdays upcoming match against England.

The friendly soccer match will take place four days after 129 were killed in the terrorist attacks in Paris, you ring the match of France-Germany at the Stade the France

Deschamps said to the press that they will be attending to represent their country with its colours blue, white and red “with even more pride than we normally would”.

“It has been a difficult, stressful time, but we have been together and each of us, in our way, has kept up to date with the events. Each player and individual has dealt with this in their own way. The main thing is that we have kept together and shared our grief.The match will be full of emotion but we have a duty to perform and give a good account of ourselves and represent our country in the right way”, Mr Deschamps stated.

One of those killed on Friday was midfielder Lassana Diarra’s cousin, Asta Diakite. Player Antoine Griezmann’s sister escaped from the attacks at the Bataclan theatre.

E-Invoicing: How It Can Benefit Your Business

In recent times, electronic invoicing has seen a big increase in popularity. This is a good thing since e-invoicing has definitely many advantages that can benefit pretty much any type of business.

electronic-invoicingElectronic invoicing can save a business a lot of time and money.

But in addition to the cost savings of electronic invoicing it can also help you to manage and organise your invoices a lot better. Plus, helps avoid errors that often also could come rather costly when made.

If you heard about electronic invoicing already you will probably know what it is.

Your invoices are converted into digital format which means that they can be sent and received instantly.

Not having to rely on postal mail and the big time savings by being able to instantly send and receive your invoices are the most obvious benefits of it.

But let me explain the other,  maybe not so obvious sadvantages of electronic invoicing that will come with it.

Pretty much always as is the case with conventional invoices, the data from paper invoices needs to be manually typed into a computer system. This to is a time-consuming process that is also very error prone. With Electronic invoicing, the chance for errors is pretty much zero since all invoicing data is processed digitally.

Moreover, the invoicing data is managed centrally. The fact that is kept at one single server makes the management and organisation of your data not only easier but also significantly safer.

Electronic invoicing has gained a lot of popularity not only because of those above mentioned benefits but also due to the fact that using it is straight forward. A business doesn’t need to change existing processes when they want to make the switch. You won’t have to train staff nor will you will require to make any type of investment.

This and the above-mentioned benefit of electronic invoicing make it very attractive for all types of businesses. You should look into electronic invoicing if you haven’t done so already.