After-School Clubs Can Boost Grades

kingshottschool-1According to a new study, poorer children who attended after-school sports clubs were found to get better results compared to students from similar homes who had not.

The study which had been conducted by NatCen Social Research, Newcastle University and ASK Research concludes that clubs are an easy vehicle for enrichment.  6400 children in the UK took part in this research.

As a result of the study it had been found that taking part in activities after school plays a role in closing the gap between children from poorer backgrounds and those who come from wealthier families.

“Compared with disadvantaged children who did not attend after-school club at the age of 11, those who attended after-school club one or two days per week had made significantly more progress than predicted” is quoted in the report.

The report continues “Those who attended after-school club one day per week had, on average, a 1.7 point higher actual Key Stage 2 score than predicted based on their prior attainment and circumstances, while those who attended after-school club two days per week had on average a three point higher actual total point score than predicted.”

This study once again confirms how important extracurricular activities such as sports can be when it comes to education of the children. Now it is proven that sports after-school isn’t just beneficial for your children’s health and well-being, it is likewise shown how this type of activity can positively influence their grades.

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